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Raffle system with bananas (started on 14.02.2016) This guide explains how you can collect and use bananas. Banana point system is designed like this: - Every 15 minutes you will get 4 bananas - If you're active (means that you are active in chat) you will get 1 banana more every 15 minutes - If you're regular (means if you're watching stream on regular basis) you will get 1 banana more every 15 minutes - Once you use your bananas, you can gain them again by watching the stream and being active / regular Bananas can be checked above ^ You can use bananas for raffles which will be announced in stream. Bananas can be used the following way: - 1 ticket costs 25 bananas - you can use up to 100 tickets in a raffle (that totals up to 2500 bananas) How to use bananas in raffle: - When giveaway starts, in chat use command !raffle x (x being the number of tickets you want to buy) - If you win the raffle you can only claim it if you're a follower, so make sure you hit that follower button Players with more tickets will have bigger chance in the raffle. Good luck!


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